Here be random ramblings that seemed interesting / entertaining at the time of writing. The feeling may or may not have persisted.

Heartbreak and vilainy

The following was inspired by my hypothesis that the villainy of a current high-profile administrator has its roots in a past heartbreak. The writing may be a bit wet around the ears; I was doing dishes at the time of composition. Here goes:

हमारी रंजिश तब बढ़ी

जब खोल सीना हम खड़े ।

देकर खंजर हाथ तुम्हारे

और तुम मुँह फेर के चली गयी ।।


A Mathematical Romance

(With apologies to pure mathematicians — to my cluttered head, any subject that follows logical arguments, beginning from well specified axioms, and even incorporating self-consistent approximations, is mathematics.)

The Boltzmann equation is an integro-differential equation that governs the probability density function in phase space  of a collection of particles interacting with each other through instantaneous collisions. It was proposed by Boltzmann in his attempts to arrive at a continuum theory for gases beginning from a molecular standpoint.