I am interested in mechanics. In both its theoretical and applied incarnations. At present I am involved with planetary science/geophysics, contact mechanics, granular aggregates, and a few other random mechanics problems.


In planetary science/geophysics, I am interested in applying continuum mechanics to better understand how natural bodies/phenomena behave/occur


The realization that most planetary objects seem to consist mostly of soil got me interested in studying the response of granular aggregates. This, and a strong desire to be useful has led me to study segregations processes, especially in industrial machines.


I am also interested in contact mechanics, especially in developing tools to model and solve adhesive contact of thin films, with application to material testing, interpreting AFM results, developing newer adhesives, etc.


Finally, I am a mechanics junkie, and am attracted to almost anything governed by the laws of Newton and Euler. Especially, if there is an industrial or geophysical context.


To hedge my bets, I am trying to perform a few experiments of my own. For this there is an Applied Mechanics Laboratory. Contact me if you would have an interesting mechanical experiment in mind.